Why The Super Bowl Kills Resolutions

As an avid gym goer for most of my adult life, I’ve noticed a pattern in gym attendance over the years.

Every January 1, gym membership swells like your belly after a holiday feast.  With the crush of holiday gatherings and parties, our collective guilt from the over indulgence drives us to the gym like a cowboy driving the herd down the Chisholm Trail.

All that stops on Super Bowl Sunday.

After about a month of clean living, dedicated gym attendance, we say: “I deserve a fun day with friends!”  And we do.  But when we wake up, we say: “Fuck it.”

Today’s gym attendance was about 1/3 of what I saw the first week of January.  And experience and observation says we won’t see them back until April when people start to get back in shape for summer.

But it seems a shame to abandon our New Year Resolutions to get fit and feel better about ourselves after yet another day of over-indulgence.

We beat ourselves up: we’re hung over, we’re sluggish from too much salt, alcohol, and chips & guacamole and wings, and BBQ.

I’m not suggesting one should moderate one’s intake of health killing material on Super Bowl Sunday; all I’m saying is that if you have goals & resolutions, resolve to reach them no matter what.  Don’t let one day get in the way.  Soak it in, enjoy the binge, and move along.  Get back on track.

The Super Bowl may kill resolutions for most ‘Murican’s, but it doesn’t have to kill yours. Get back on track.

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