The Freedom of New Beginnings

If you were starting from scratch, would you do things differently?

Of course, you have the wisdom of your previous experience, but imagine you don’t have dogmas and beliefs, addictions or cravings.

You are free to create the life you want.

Free from needing or wanting to impress anyone, including your parents, spouse, or friends.

Each day, we wake up to this possibility. But as soon as we put our feet down on the floor, our feet find those familiar paths we’ve walked before.  Our mind finds those familiar thought patterns.

Unlearning is hard!

Our brains and bodies fall into habit patterns.  Making the coffee, pouring it in the mug, sipping it while we go to our phones and scroll.

What did we do 15 years ago before our smart phones were attached to our hands every waking hour?

A Fresh Start
Earlier this week, I discovered a glitch caused my blog to go down. I’ve had the domain since 2009, so I had 11 years of content.  My last backup was 2016. (I know!) I will be able to salvage some of the content via cached versions. But much of what I thought was good content between 2006-and earlier this week is gone.

As I got my head around what happened, I heard Jocko Willink’s voice say “Good.”

“So you lost your blog archive and 4 years of posts?”
“You’re free to create better content, around a more focused theme.”

So here we go, unencumbered.

Starting fresh, fitness and health, how to lose body fat safely and easily without sacrificing the foods you love or punishing exercise, yoga & mobility, becoming the best version of yourself in your 40’s 50’s and beyond, exploring the “Longevity Lifestyle™ for vitality, power and freedom in our bodies and mind.

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