4 Minutes to FaceBook Retargeting In WordPress

This short (4 Minute) video will show you exactly how to install the “Facebook Custom Audience Pixel” or commonly called the “Retargeting Pixel” on your WordPress site. It might seem daunting, but if you can copy & paste a sentence on a webpage or document, you can do this.

I show you exactly which plug-ins you need, how to create the pixel, and then how to slip the Facebook Pixel code in to your WordPress site, nice and easy.

This is not rocket surgery, it’s information freely available in tons of short videos like this.  I’m sharing this because there are a lot of folks that know they should do this, but don’t for some reason.

If you have a message that is worth sharing, please do this.  If you’re still struggling, then email me.  Drachford@gmail dot com.


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