Fool me twice; must be Facebook

Almost two years ago in the aftermath of Facebooks IPO drop, I shared a post where I said I wasn’t worried about it.  They would recover.  And they have.  Facebook is now trading at $68.24.  You can read that here: .  Later that year, (less than 4 months later) Facebook announced they would charge for local offers, and my first part of the prediction was realized.

In the coming days, we’re going to see some interesting news; Companies will be “forced” to pay to extend their reach.  I saw it coming.  Here’s the rub; the content YOU or YOUR COMPANY posts on FaceBook isn’t yours.  It’s FaceBook’s.  And they are in the toll booth position as you have built your audience engagement on their highway.  If you want to get across the bridge to your audience; you’ll have to pay the toll.

Note, Twitter is in a similar position when you use their platform.

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