BHS #26 – Yoga & Breath Technologies for Modern Life with GuruNischan Khalsa

With natural health and spirituality as the foundation of GuruNischan’s upbringing, she helps you create the powerful, luminous, and deeply spiritual life that feels perfect for you!

She believes being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to park on a yoga mat and meditate for 8 hours, take a trip to India, or be a vegetarian, (although, she has done all of that!)  It does mean learning to integrate simple spiritual practices, that have real, tangible results, into your every-day, multi-faceted, divinely-complex life.

In our chat, GuruNischan describes “breath of fire,” and how it gives a powerful, quick reset to the nervous system.  Below is a video demonstrating this breathing technique.

GuruNischan’s philosophy is to be consistently committed to becoming a better, brighter, more sensational version of herself each day.

 Read more about Kundalini Yoga in this book available on

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