BHS #023 – Jack Canfield On the 30-Day Sobriety Solution

Jack CanfieldMany of us have had lives touched by alcohol abuse. If not personally, there’s probably a friend or relative that has struggled with addiction. This episode is for you.

Jack Canfield is an icon in personal development and human potential. As the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack has inspired millions with his message of personal responsibility and action.

Now Jack has partnered with co-Author Dave Andrews to bring the 30-Day Sobriety Solution, which is a new book and program to help people cut back or eliminate drinking in 30 days. Make no mistake, this is a hardcore personal development program, and although it’s tailored to sobriety and recovery, the program would benefit anyone.

It was an honor to share this time with Jack, who was gracious and generous and I hope this episode inspires you.

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